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What to expect from Hypnotherapy?

Group hypnotherapy sessions will remove your stress and anxiety, leading to improved mental wellbeing, better sleep and an elimination of stress and anxiety.

If this is your first experience of hypnotherapy you may not know what to expect so here are some pointers.

Setting us up for success 

It is important that you're set up for success in a remote situation such as this.

  • Make sure you can have some peace and quiet at this time where you won't be interrupted

  • Make sure you're ready to be laid back for an hour-hour and a half (so go to the toilet first) and make sure you're really comfortable. Preferably lying back or lying down completely

  • Get a glass of water as hypnotherapy can for some strange reason make you thirsty!

  • Noise cancelling headphones are great as long as they're comfortable

What is it like?

This is a hard one to explain as it differs for everyone. Some people fall into a deep sleep and remember very little but come out feeling de-stressed and relaxed at the other end of it, almost like waking from a sleep.

Other people are conscious of what's being said for the most part but loose track of various parts. Think of that feeling when you first wake up and you're not really either awake or asleep.

The thing everyone I've worked with has in common is that by the end of it they feel refreshed and relaxed by the end.


  • Do I need my camera on? No, of course not. It's completely up to you. In a 121 session it can be beneficial but in this group scenario it's not necessary

  • Do I need to watch the video feed? Again no, once you're relaxed and we're beginning it's best to close your eyes and relax so you will just be listening to my voice

  • Will it be recorded? I will record my video feed and ensure all other video streams are turned off. 

  • What platform will it be run on? I will use Zoom for this session

  • How do I get the invite details? Simply register for the event and leave your email address I will send the link out on the day of the event so check your email and junk folder if you can't find it

  • Is there any charge? What's the catch? No charge and no catch. I will be running future sessions that you can attend or you can contact me directly for paid 121 sessions


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